Pat and Britt were married on a rainy spring day in May, but they didn't let the showers down their spirits!

Pat is my cousin, so I've known him my whole life. He and Britt have been together for ages, so she's felt like part of the family for years!

Their wedding was so fun and full of energy, even with the nearly non-stop rain.

They had their dog show up for the first look and it was so sweet! She was so excited to see them, she couldn't stop running around them in circles.

The ceremony was short and sweet. They decided to move the readings to the reception to minimize everyone getting rained on. Britt was so sweet and thanked everyone for coming and supporting them.

We snuck out for one last set of portraits before the end of the night. The rain made them so magical! This is why I actually like having a rainy reception. The flash photos always come out so cool!