As someone who loves old homes and wallpaper...and specifically chinoiserie wallpaper, I was so excited to shoot Catherine & Greg's wedding at Long Hill Estate and Gardens in Beverly, MA.

It is one of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen. Every corner was full of color and detail.

BUT, enough about the estate, let's talk about Catherine and Greg!

Catherine and Greg are such sweethearts. They were living down south while planning the wedding, so we didn't get to do an engagement session. Sometimes not meeting my couples in person before the wedding can make it a little more difficult for us to all be comfortable together, but Catherine and Greg were easy breezy from the get-go!

Instead of doing a first look, Catherine and Greg said their vows to each other back-to-back before the ceremony. It was such a sweet moment for the two of them and I think it helped ease their nerves for the ceremony.

Catherine's sister officiated the ceremony and did an amazing job. She is getting her masters in poetry, so she had a plethora of beautiful passages to share.

For their introduction to the reception they had a super fun flip cup competition, which the boys won. Then they danced the night away! They finished the night with a phone light send-off. Sparklers aren't allowed at Long Hill, so this was a safe alternative. Plus, everyone always has their phones on them so you don't have to coordinate passing out glow sticks or bubbles or dried flower petals.